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Think libraries are just for books?

Where have you been? If you have a tablet, nook, Kindle, smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer, you can checkout and download books straight to your device and read, watch or listen when you want!

Ebooks & Magazines
Kentucky Libraries Unbound will take care of your reading, listening and watching needs, featuring over 70,000 titles! Click a graphic below, and you can start downloading today!
Personal Learning & Reference

Whether it’s book reports, finding the facts or simply learning something new, Worldbook Online and Universal Class have you covered! There are over 500 college 101-level classes available, covering a wide variety of subjects. Take a look!

Our Catalog and Your Account

Our Catalog contains over 40,000 items for you to read, listen to and watch! We have books and audiobooks for all ages. Log in to your account, place holds and renew your checked out items from home.